Experienced Non-profit Consulting

Experienced Non-profit Consulting

Experienced Non-profit ConsultingExperienced Non-profit ConsultingExperienced Non-profit Consulting

My Experience


Deeley Advancement Services (DAS) leverages Dianna Deeley’s twenty-five years of experience working for a donor foundation focused on capital projects. Based in Valdosta, Georgia, DAS is available nation-wide either in person, on-line, via telephone, or video conferencing. 

DAS provides practical, early-stage advice for individuals and non-profits who are seeking greater impact.  After many years of offering advice for free while working for a foundation, Dianna has a unique and independent perspective on a host of issues and questions. 

In addition, DAS offers advice on board governance and staff relations. Dianna’s long experience working with organizations during difficult transitions has given her  insight into the complexities of organizational relationships. This service is  discreet and confidential. Dianna will work with either individuals or full boards, or staff members, as requested. 

When an agency is contemplating expanding its services or its mission, Dianna has the resources and the experience to help with the decision to grow, or change, or wait. DAS will create a framework to discuss all aspects of a major change, facilitate an honest and open assessment, and make a decision that best serves the agency and its clients. 

DAS offers advice on philanthropic strategy to individuals and foundations. Whether the question is an individual’s legacy or a foundation’s giving, DAS will create a strategy and an outreach plan that works. 

Deeley Advancement Services offers engagements to nonprofits as they begin to consider growth,  capital projects, and campaigns. Dianna brings the perspective of the major donor, having vetted hundreds of initiatives and knowing what success looks like. 

Candor, practical advice, and action plans are the core offering  of Deeley Advancement Services. 


What People Say About Dianna

"Dianna is incredibly knowledgeable about the nonprofit industry and with over 25 years of experience she is one of the most prolific people in know. She deeply understands industry trends and nuances. She is phenomenal in her ability to communicate while mentoring startups and established nonprofits alike. Dianna is a consummate professional and amazing mentor to me. I highly recommend her in any capacity within the nonprofit industry. She will bring value beyond measure to your organization."  Chanterria McGilbra, Prancing Ponies Foundation

"I have known Dianna for nearly ten years. She is extremely knowledgeable about the foundation landscape and is connected to a broad network of colleagues in the philanthropic world. Her unique combination of subject matter expertise combined with an ability to pick up the phone and make contact with individuals in key positions of authority make her a dynamic choice as a consultant. In all the years I have known her, Dianna has been generous with her time and helped me identify and connect to foundations whose mission aligns with my clients'. If you are lucky enough to work with Dianna, seize the opportunity!"  Kaia Eakin, Non-Profit Fundraiser

"Her candor and no-nonsense manner belie her dedication and compassion for the hundreds of organizations and missions she has helped ." - Lenore McDonald, CFRE

"Dianna has been a joy to work with. Over the years, she has provided wise and professional counsel about proposal content and timing for consideration by the board of the Irwin Foundation. She has always been responsive and approachable. Dianna has an obvious passion for her work and a dedication to making a difference in the nonprofit and philanthropic community and the populations served by them." Suzannah Cowell, Senior Director at California Pacific Medical Center


Why Us?

In the world of nonprofit,  offering honest, respectful advice is priceless. Deeley Advancement Services offers a profound acquaintance with every aspect of nonprofit governance; an unequaled insight into what funders need to know; and the willingness to dig deep into your organization and identify what you do best, and how to do it better.